MDF is The Best Material to Produce Luxury Hotel Furniture

MDF is The Best Material to Produce Luxury Hotel Furniture

MDF stands for Medium density fiberboard, which is popular in producing luxury hotel furniture. Tranduc furnishings is a luxury hotel furnishing in Vietnam. The company provides multiple materials in luxury hotel furniture projects.

1. What is it?

It is one typical kind of manufactured wood. MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard with appropriate features in producing luxury hotel furniture. At first, MDF or Medium Fiberboard were invented in America as combining wood fiber products. Furthermore, the invention led to an increase in the hotels furniture production mainly due to its dimensional flexibility. Additionally, wet or humid environment causes less harmful effects on MDF than what people think, but MDF goes with veneers as alternative choice for solid wood in nature. Because the combination between MDF and veneers bring about a high quality material with natural appearance in furnishing.

On the other hand, it is significant to the environment. While human has been dealing with serious deforestation, they still need wood resources for daily activities. However, trees need years to grow big enough for providing wood. It has been changed since fiberboard products arrive, which allow any types of timber sizes, fiber wood or even recycle timbers to be utilized in wood production.

Produce Luxury Hotel Furniture MDF Medium density fiberboard

Image 1: MDF in Tranduc Furnishings

2. Production System

In the first step of producing MDF, raw materials are prepared with rejection process. It focuses to eliminate impurities with magnet equipment. The materials are separated into two kinds as small flakes and large chunks. The system remains only high qualified materials for the next stage. Under pre-streaming bin, these materials also become softer. After heavy compression, wood fiber products are usable as dried statement.

In following steps, the wood fiber products are mixed and moved to add chemical substance. Then, thick mats come out of rolling machines. High pressure machines push extreme burden on the mats continuously. In this stage, the advanced technology is a strict requirement to create density fiberboard with consistent strength and stable dimension for luxury hotel furniture.

After all, multiple smoothing equipment is applied to generate high qualified surface for MDF. That is important when MDF is always added veneer texture later. Besides that, static electricity is eliminated under anti-static process.

3. Pros of Medium density fiberboard (MDF)

  • Wet condition has less effects on MDF component in luxury hotel furniture.
  • MDF is not cracked in furnishing manufacture.
  • MDF could avoid pests due to chemical substance.
  • MDF is affordable in term of economic and cost efficiency
  • MDF become a solution for protecting the environment.
  • MDF has great dimensional performance to give flexibility to hotel furniture designers.

4. Cons of Medium density fiberboard (MDF)            

  • MDF have more weight than other manufactured woods like chipboard.
  • MDF could expand their sizes directly in water.
  • MDF could contaminate the air as creating dust during manufacture process without strictly conducting system.
  • MDF is not solid wood, so it does not have wood grain 

Because MDF frequently go with veneer in the luxury hotel furniture. That is why the drawbacks of MDF are covered by veneer advantages.

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