Top Hospitality Furniture Manufacturer
in Vietnam

Our veneers offer a vast array of creative panel options to create a unique natural appearance in any projects. The intricate grain, rich colors, warmth, beauty and individuality of natural wooden veneer are unsurpassed by any other natural materials. We are able to assist in analyzing of veneer application and help determining the species, cutting/slicing, matching of adjacent leaves and matching of leaves within a panel, as well as recommending substrate of material and finishing. We are able to source the appropriate cutting, footage, lengths and special characteristics to meet the desired aesthetics for projects.
Our fabric and leather, which have exclusive looks, are supplied from the finest resources in this country and abroad. From this, you can find the right combinations for your decor. Our upholstery furniture is as impressive inside as its beautiful appearance. The products meet the requirements of quality and aesthetics for luxury hotel furniture.
Tran Duc Furnishings amazes and inspires through the integration of metal, glass, concrete, and timber in architectural products and furniture. We work with an extensive network of internationally awarded furniture designers, who create signature piece furniture and integrate our specialist metal, glass, concrete and timber finishes. We are dedicated to provide the most innovative products.
With 17-year experience of manufacturing outdoor & indoor furniture, we provide a wide range of furniture products from solid wood for individual clients. We produce the highest quality products via utilizing the latest technology in our facilities. The speed of manufacturing is kept to a constant schedule in order to ensure on-time deliveries.
Our aims to provide unique contemporary decor, which are inspired by natural and ethnic cultures, sustainability, unique quality of handmade furniture and accessories, and combinations of textures, in order to create a tactile. Tran Duc manufactures premium objects for decoration, which are adopted metal finishing technology on any substrate. Our technology will open new unique, effective, enduring and fine-looking solutions for interior furniture as an optional for hospitality projects.
Last but not least, the nature of the products ensures that they will maintain their good appearance for many years later. They are subjected from neither the prematurely ageing nor the development of mould. The products of Tran Duc Furnishings are extremely tough and repeatedly handled during maintenance operations without risk of deterioration. They offer exceptional dimensional stability and mechanical resistance.