What is a Luxury Hotel Table in Furniture Factory?

Only a few luxury hotel table designs have the ability to set your hotel apart from the crowd.

1. Hotel Table Overview

The table is an extensional part or a value-added to the hotel room. It is not essential furniture like a headboard and bed base. We usually call a hotel table with some words such as a side table, a coffee table, and a small dining table. For a luxury hotel, the table must have both functional benefits and high-end designs

TDF Factory in 2019 Ver.2 luxury hotel table
Image 1: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

There are a variety of alternatives. However, there are not many creative and distinctive designs to choose for luxury hotel. Only a few table designs have the ability to set your luxury hotel apart from the crowd. The hotels may select the best options for their budget instead of expensive custom designs to upgrade the luxury hotel definition.

2. From 20 years of experience in Luxury Hotel Furniture Industry.

We completed over 300 luxury hotel furniture projects with a lot of famous hotel brand such as Four Seasons, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and others. All of them are bespoke furniture to leverage their luxury brand images. The designs are unique and outstanding.

Here are some prominent tables from our factories.

Disclaimer: The furniture items below are from hotel furniture projects in the past. The price can not be exact due to confidential terms. The furniture designs belong to clients as their own projects. We do not repurpose or reuse their designs for any other projects. Our Company is only responsible for production as a manufacturer.

Less is More

Image 2: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

One feature can make luxury hotel table to stand out, that is one leg. Although high-end hotel has spacious guestroom, the table should be small and elegant as one leg feature. It brings the whole space to new level of stylish and leave the rest as empty for more comfortable area to the guests. The luxury hotel choose bespoke table to archive unique design and focus on aesthetics.

Stick to Hotel Room Color Palette

Ritz Carlton Amelia Island (5)
Image 3: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

The color is basic characteristic of appearance. The hotel interior designers deeply understanding to adjust hotel table color to blend into the hotel guestroom. Different hotel style have different color palette with distintive hue and santuation. There are billions of color combination. Only the professional designer know how to blend the color to create satisfied look for the luxury hotel. That is mainly why luxury hotel put huge budget to interior hotel designers.

Functional Purposes

Hyatt Centric Woodland (3)v22
Image 4: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

In fact, using a hotel table in this manner seems to be the most usual. During series or movie sessions in front of the TV, the center table is typically employed as the primary role to lay beverages and food. Hotel guests can assume why that ambience will become an important part of their accommodation utility life. The table will help guests to have a more effectual and interesting places, with an aesthetic they can recognise with. Hotel table represents luxury characteristics. When interior draw a hotel table shape that the hotel area will have, the spot that each element will occupy, and the role that it will play within the overall design.

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