Contemporary Style – Hotel Bedroom Furniture

Contemporary style is adequate to hotel bedroom set, when hotels is running with concepts for business travelers. The redesigning in Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel is an indication in the style, which was customized by IDEA-Interiors and produced by Tran Duc Furnishing in Vietnam.

1. Needs from Business Travelers in Hotel

In hotel bedroom set, interior design and furniture manufacture need to meet basic requirements to support Business travelers in this case. The bedroom should provide adequate workstation to let them prepare for the meeting. 

In many cases, these are important moments for finishing project papers, adjusting proposals or preparing presentation. Some businessmen do not even sleep, because their priority concern is success in workcation. The internet should have high speech to keep working productivity without any disruption. The lighting must be powerful to bring about concentration during a long night. 

Moreover, it will be better when the hotel has associated gargets, which are available for laptops and smartphones at any time. Besides that, hard-working does not mean that business travelers do not take a nap or sleep. Especially, the workcation will become a great time after finishing works and accomplishing business goal. In the other words, working time will become relaxation time, so hotel furniture needs to optimize the primary purposes as lodging and enjoying.

Image 1: Veneer Processing in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

An increase in economy has led to higher demand for business trips. According to Kennedy (2018), business trips or workcations have rose about 38% annually after the recession. Generally, companies send their employees to various places for achieving business goals. In fact, business trip or workcation is different from vacation for leisure only. Frequently, the workcation is to meet and deal with the company relationships such as customers, suppliers and partners. It means that hotels need more conscious in this segment to acquire repeated guests.

2. Contemporary Style in Hotel Bedroom Set

Although the contemporary styles could utilize elements from various styles, it contains a variety of identical features. In detail of hotel bedroom set, items remain simple shape, but it is not too intense in neutral colors. The popular materials come from natural wood or engineered wood with veneer. Some are made up with metal. Pieces may comprise of polished surface and sleek metal line.

The upholstery items are cushioned with natural fabrics like cotton and linen without fringe, skirts or tassels. The textures and surfaces usually rely heavily on a palette of cream, brown, beige and white in the neutral harmonies. Moreover, the lighting is design with combination of nature and many indoor sources. That leads to peaceful effect to personal emotion in hotel bedroom set.

Image 2: Veneer Processing in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

In business trip segment, contemporary style might be the most popular and relevant in designing hostel furniture and interior. The reason relates to its openness. This style could come up with many different parts from various styles, when modern furniture could go with vintage mood and vice versa. That allows designers and manufacturers become more flexible in generating furniture, which tight closely with the original concept.

3. A Revolution in Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel

In this case, Sheraton Portland Airport hotel could be taken as an illustration. Even thought the hotel was established in 1974, they took a step forward to a renovation. The redesign was executed significantly from meeting areas, lobby and guestroom. The expansion reaches to 215 elegant guestrooms under direction of IDEA-Interiors, a local interior company was responsible for innovative works and classic contemporary style of Sheraton. 

On the other hand, the hotel bedroom furniture was produced by high capabilities of Tran Duc firm, one top-solution in several qualified hotel furniture manufacturers in Vietnam. Successfully, they accomplished their tasks to generate stylish hotel accommodations for Sheraton hotel chain.

The expectation of Sheraton was to attract modern generation of business travelers. The hotel redesign dramatically provides excellent services for both business and leisure during workcation. The bedroom furnishing emphasizes straightforward shape and stylish models in classic mood experience. 

Under those circumstances, the materials, which were used in producing furniture, involve durable wood and appealing veneer at high level standard. Furthermore, the color tone heavily embraces brown, beige, grey and white in the neutral palette. The guestroom ambiance is enriched by multiple lighting sources from lamplight, daylight window to integrated lighting. Hence, hotel bedroom set gives a pleasant context to guests while staying focus on business.

Image 3: Veneer Processing in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Specifically, taking a closer look at hotel bedroom set furniture set for more interesting details. Firstly, most furniture pieces were made of cozy wooden materials and brass accents. The upholstered headboards have an impressive appearance with the length, which nearly touch to the ceiling from the floor. 

The layer thickness separates guests from the cold wall. The bed-bases strictly bear mattress as Sheraton signature sleep experience. That is extremely important due to how comfortable it is to help business travelers falling into sleep after a long day participating in conferences and meeting rooms. A nightstand stays beside the bed to hold up guests’ technology gear. 

Next, a high and wide TV wall panel integrates with a 42 LCD flat screen, lighting fixtures and a low two-drawer console table. That creates a fascinating entertainment area to satisfy travelers’ enjoyment. Later, the workspace includes a warm floor lamp, a fashionable round dining table on one leg and a beautiful cushioned chair. 

Beside the workspace, a narrow and tall cabinet carries a small coffee preparation area involving a tiny coffee machine, ice bucket, plastic cups and glass tumblers with Starbuck for a long night. Therefore, those things result in a memorable workcation trip for business travelers with contemporary style.

4. Sheraton in Business Trip Concept

Additionally, Sheraton might be the pioneer in the hotel concept for business travelers. Since the first Sheraton Tower was introduced in 1970 (ITT Sheraton Corporation), they have become famous for concierge service and interior design. Both service and design give convenience and comfort to any corporate travelers. In brief, concierge means personal assistant and takes care many tasks during the trip like booking restaurant reservation and receiving parcel on behalf of guests. 

Above that, the hotel bedroom set creates distinction for this travel segment. In Sheraton hotels, they emphasize working areas including meeting room and workstation. The provide desks for laptop and papers work in guestrooms and public areas. They customize short term meeting areas along with medium meeting room and large conference hall. From furnishing and lighting, everything highly supports corporate travelers in their work. As a result, Sheraton obtains loyalty in customers’ heart.

Other Hotels in Contemporary Styles

Established in 2000, Tran Duc Furnishings has been specialised in exporting high-end hotel furniture which is located in Binh Dung province and taken 50minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh airport / downtown. In the present, Tran Duc Furnishings becomes “One Stop Solutions” for hospitality furnishing industry in house facilities consisting of Wooden factory, Upholstery factory and Metal factory.