Hospitality Design Trends Leading The Way to 2021

Behind every new year is the story of variety of new and exciting design trends. Whether you use these trends to be inspired or move steadfastly in the opposite direction, the information here can help inform your hospitality design choices in 2021.

1. Nature to Health: The Greener the Better

While more hotels today are taking energy conservation and sustainability to new heights, others are reusing towels and installing automatic lights in an effort to be green.

In the year 2021, it is time to see more sustainable, eco-friendly practices that support sustainability and connect guests to the local culture and history, among them natural light, solar panels, recycled wood, organic materials and locally handcrafted items.

In this trend, we also can see the change “Bringing The Outdoors In” in the hospitality design.  Biophilic design is a natural fit for luxury hospitality as it is shown to improve health and well-being in the built environment by reducing stress, enhancing creativity and in urban areas allows guests to reconnect with the environment.

anlam retreat - tranducfurnishings hospitality design
Image 1: Resort Furniture Project Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

2. Creating Authentic Experience

In recent years, a new travel destination is the hotels themselves, resulting in various strategies being hospitality design to adapt to the needs of every type of guest and provide the exceptional experiences. Guest are more inclined to focus on “experiencing” rather than on “having”.  Therefore, there’s been a growing important of locally sourced everything. Not only does this apply to retail, it also includes art and hospitality décor.

Following the rise of Air BnB, guests are looking for fully experience the locale, and not just the amenities from offers of the hotels.

anlam retreat - tranducfurnishings3
Image 2: Resort Furniture Project Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

3. Evolution of the Lobby

Another way hotels are adopting the “Creating Authentic Experience” concept is by re-designing their lobby become living room-like space with warm and inviting feeling. It also the right solution since guests often receive their initial impression here.

In 2018, the changes in hospitality design make us to see a lot of sit-down, comfortable concierge desks instead of old front desks before. Guests can sip on wine, coffee or soda while check-in process will be handled quickly by staff equipped with Ipad. Hotels are wanting to move their guests out of room and into the dynamic social spaces like lobbies, which are being used as hubs of social activity, entertainment, co-working and business networking.

4. Smart Hotel

Technology now is the way to improve guest experience, including hospitality design concept and hospitality furniture. In 2021, technology is changing, however, and so are guest demands.

In smart hotels, personalized tablets can control everything in room. For example, we’ll be seeing more Internet-of-Things-inspired hotels rooms in 2018, with guests unlocking their rooms, adjusting the lighting and temperature, and streaming their Netflix favorites on the TV with their smartphones.

Image 3: Resort Furniture Project Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)
Established in 2000, Tran Duc Furnishings has been specialised in exporting high-end hotel furniture which is located in Binh Dung province and taken 50minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh airport / downtown. In the present, Tran Duc Furnishings becomes “One Stop Solutions” for hospitality furnishing industry in house facilities consisting of Wooden factory, Upholstery factory and Metal factory.