Hospitality Interior Design to Infuse Your Guest Experience

In interior designing of hotels and resorts, you would like to go back to places that make you feel the most relaxed and happy.

You want to feel like you just stepped into a luxury hotel in famous cities . That experience when you first walk into a space, that immediately envelops you and makes you feel comfortable, is something you really appreciate about the hospitality world.

1. First Impressions Matter

Even when you walk into a hotel, interior design can affect the way you feel about your stay. If you want to improve your guest experience, having a fantastic design can be one of the ways to establish the kind of hotel you are. And it doesn’t have to be hard, either. When you think about interior design, We are sure you’re thinking of expensive remodels, full of hardwood floors, accent walls, and statement pieces.

We suggest that you could invest in a few small touches right now, things that can immediately improve your guest experience as well as some plans for the long run.

Canopy Baltimore - Baltimore USA (6)
Image 1: Hotel Project from Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

2. Luxurious Simplicity

Sometimes too much is just too much. When you walk into a hotel room, you expect the essentials and maybe even a few accents that make the room a little more special. But imagine a hotel room bursting with accent pillows that take up half the bed. What about artwork taking up every inch of space on the wall? Or even a bathroom stocked to the brim with extras? Less is more.

Why is this important?

Work is stressful, even for the best jobs. So when a guest returns to their room after a day of meetings, networking, or delivering a big presentation, taking time to relax is paramount. At the end of the day, a simple place to sleep or prepare for the next day is all that’s needed.

The Wink Hotel DC - Washington DC, USA - Tran Duc Furnishings - Custom Hotel Furniture (5) 2 interior design
Image 2: Hotel Project from Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

3. Environmental Accents

Guests are gravitating toward more socially conscious spaces, even when it comes to travel. Now more than ever,  Eco-friendly properties are favored by the most famous hospitality , to the point where they will actually spend more to stay at these green accommodations.

According to Nielsen, “66% of global respondents say they’re willing to pay more for products and services that come from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact, up from 55% in 2014, and 50% in 2013.”

Becoming a LEED-certified building can be a long and expensive process, but there are small steps you can take if you’re willing to make an investment.

4. The Power of Lighting

According to Tim Anderson, aside from functionality, lighting can be a great tool to make spaces seem larger than they are.Both natural and man-made lighting help with the illusion of space. For a darker room, find ways to bring in more full-spectrum natural light. If the room does not have sufficient lighting, it will feel cramped.

Even strategically placed mirrors can do the trick by capturing light and reflecting it around the room. Mirrors alone already make a space appear larger.

And last but not least, every traveler knows that unmistakable relief you feel stepping into a well-designed hotel. The sense of being an outsider in a foreign place fades, and the comfort of a welcoming lobby, cozy suite, or relaxing spa situates itself in your travel itinerary.

Image 3: Hotel Project from Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)
Established in 2000, Tran Duc Furnishings has been specialised in exporting high-end hotel furniture which is located in Binh Dung province and taken 50minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh airport / downtown. In the present, Tran Duc Furnishings becomes “One Stop Solutions” for hospitality furnishing industry in house facilities consisting of Wooden factory, Upholstery factory and Metal factory.