How to Handle Renovation for Luxury Hotel Furniture

Here are factors to consider when updating hotel guest room furniture or dealing with contractors. Especially, hotel renovation is a big stage in hotel industry. The hotel bedroom furniture sets need to replace old furniture and damaged these pieces, but they can also accelerate their business statement during hotel renovation.

1. Style – Understand your brand value in hotel guest room furniture

It is crucial to luxury hotel. In the other words, style is the first priority in defining the luxury. Guest room is where hotel visitors spend most of the time. Whatever pieces as hotel guest room furniture, these must come along with each other as a part. The decoration has to achieve the point of balance in combining from shapes to shapes, and colors to colors. There are multiple choices in style for hotel operation team, project dealers, designers or architecture. Currently, contemporary style might be the most popular due to its flexibility in combination and balance. It is also because the openness for modern furniture.

Sheraton Waikiki - Hawaii, USA - Tran Duc Furnishings (1) Hotel Renovation
Image 1: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Frequently, hotel guest room furniture is customized in many factories of Asia. That can be the most optimized solution with relevant prices and flexible designs. The new hotels will have various design options, which are come from proposals’ manufacture. The dimension and price could be changeable for a large number of guest rooms. On the other hand, many hotels have run for a long time, they will be more difficult. Because they have to remain their own styles in hotel renovation, which they have built up in hotel bedroom furniture sets. When the old furniture has to be replaced, so it will require customized designs to bring their recognizable images to new furniture.    

2. Durability – Tests Before Bring Furniture Into Luxury Hotel Bedroom Set

During the time, hotels usually renovate their hotel furniture as a cycle. That would be five years or even up to ten as an expectation in hotel renovation. There is no long lasting furniture, especially in businesses. Hotel operators should make sure that furniture pieces strictly pass requirement in quality control before installing them in the hotel guest room. Luxury hotels prefer wood as main material in furniture items than any others. It is easy to understand when wooden items create warm ambience and highlight comfort for guest experience.

Technically, solid wood and engineered wood are two different types of materials. The solid wood is raw natural material, while the engineered wood is manual composition. Years ago, sold wood are considered as better than engineered wood in term of strength and durability. However, it depends on which kinds of engineered wood for manufacturing furniture such as plywood, laminated wood, Oak, Pine or Maple. The quality varies from low to high definition. That can be compared to another manual material like steel. Because steel is composited and produced by human from iron ores as its original type in the nature. Therefore, people can rely on engineered wood with many wooden material types for hotel bedroom furniture sets.       

Banquette Sofa Chair (E3) - Hard Rock NYC -4-Web luxury hotel furniture
Image 2: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

3. Budget - How to Achieve Cost Efficiency

The expenditure is the biggest deal in any businesses. Although 5 stars or extremely luxury hotels are icons for wealth, they do not throw money out of the window in spending. Hoteliers usually keep budget as reasonable by obtaining hotel contract furniture instead of commercial furniture on the world market in order to optimize quality on cost. In hotel renovation, it is not only about dealing with prices for hotel bedroom furniture sets, but also dealing with guest mindset.

Customized furniture result in high quality and luxury appearance with strict quality assurance and technical requirements in manufacture as following the contract furniture. Especially when guests cannot purchase contract furniture pieces on the line, these pieces turn themselves into high definition. However, one drawback of contract furniture is time. From designs to select suppliers, that may requires many steps and processes, so commercial furniture market always has products immediately. Although commercial stores may not have relevant styles as hotelier’s current state, it is useful when hotel need temporary furniture pieces to replace damaged one.

4. Suppliers – Contractors in hotel renovation for luxury hotel guest room furniture

This seem to be the most complicated past, but a sufficient supplier could bring about excellent results for any problems. Asian manufacturers might be an optimized solution like Tran Duc Furnishing, a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam. The one has more than 20 years of experience in hotel industry. The company have high profile in producing high bedroom furniture set for luxury hotel. In the highlight, the firm offers one stop solution with a variety of customized furniture.

They have been participating in diversified hotel renovation projects and passing through numberless challenges, especially in hospitality renovation for high standard brands such as Marriott, Fairmont, Hilton, Hyatt and Sheraton. After many years of dedication, they have gained customer delight when their capability has exceeded customers’ expectation. International quality, customers trust them with high ability and excellent customer services.          

TDF Factory in 2019 Ver.2-16-Web hotel furniture
Image 3: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

5. Maintenance – Way to make hotel guest room furniture last longer

With keeping hotel bedroom furniture sets in careful attention, that will lead to the increase in usability of the items. During the time, furniture become weaker and older. The color will change and get damage easily. Moreover, the terrible problem is when guests are aware of that. They may hear strange sounds as opening cabinets or closets. As they have concern about the quality of furniture, they get uncomfortable experience. Below are two essential works to maintain the hotel furniture:

a) Cleaning

The fundamental work should be taken regularly every quarter or 6 months. Luxury hotels always have qualified cleaners for guest room furniture. However, the items absorb dust unexpectedly. When cleaners do their quick routine job in the hotel, it is really hard for them to get dust out of tiny and small corner, especially with cabinets. An amount of dust will lead to harmful effects and eliminate functionality of furniture pieces.

b) Polishing

Wet condition and direct sunshine is the main reason for the decrease in color and natural beauty of wooden hotel furniture. Even though luxury hotels acquire the high quality furniture and require strict tests from piece to piece, hotel bedroom furniture sets still get negative consequences from our environment. The preferred solution for this problem is to polish furniture surface under professional hands.

Established in 2000, Tran Duc Furnishings has been specialised in exporting high-end hotel furniture which is located in Binh Dung province and taken 50minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh airport / downtown. In the present, Tran Duc Furnishings becomes “One Stop Solutions” for hospitality furnishing industry in house facilities consisting of Wooden factory, Upholstery factory and Metal factory.