Key Concepts in Luxury Hotel Room (Part 1)

Luxury hotel rooms – What are their key notions if we have to figure out and explain notable elements in their guest rooms? Below, the basic concepts are used to construct luxurious locations.

1. Color Schemes in Amazing Way

Colors have a direct impact on a person’s mood or feeling. The first impression you get when you walk through the door is a fantastic color palette (a collection of colors). Thed hotel room then transmits certain phrases or even messages into the visitors’ minds. Of course, we want to remind guests that we are a premium hotel with top-notch service and a fantastic location to stay. In other words, we all know that every hue has a psychological significance. Take, for example, the hue of the Fairmont Empress Guest Room.

Yellow is associated with the sun and warmth, whereas blue is associated with the sky and tranquility. Those, however, are only basic hues. What’s the issue? In the actual world, there is a broad spectrum of hues. One color unit is insufficient for a deluxe hospitality guest room. Instead, each hotel establishment has its own color scheme or palette. Luxury and high-quality communications are their own languages.

Image 1: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

2. Hotel Style Should be Identical

Hotel style is a broad phrase used to describe how a facility should be designed and decorated. In other words, style refers to how a room is laid out, how furniture is arranged, how it is decorated, how it is textured, and so on. Why should we divide to a variety of similar styles such as modern, contemporary, neoclassic, or retro? Because it is the only way to create settings that are remembered. Despite the fact that the style contains a variety of colors and elements. We separated them to make the situation simpler to understand.

Sheraton Waikiki - Hawaii, USA - Tran Duc Furnishings (1) Hotel Renovation
Image 2: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Above all, if you look at a black-and-white photograph, you will notice a stylistic pattern. In reality, in physics, back and white are not regarded colors, and it is difficult to recall many distinct things without them. Guests at a hotel may or may not be experts. When the space style is comparable to that of others, however, they can compare more easily as a group. Furthermore, they determine which places are distinct from the others. As a suggestion, we should be motivated and inspired by comparable but not identical style. Aside from that, the combination of different styles allows for greater design freedom.

3. Bespoke Furniture

It is a formula solution for the high-end hospitality market, where we place a premium on unique quality. Furthermore, creating bespoke furniture entails more than just creating certain furniture pieces to fit specific spaces. It’s also about filling functional positions in the workplace. Importantly, site-specific art is more beautiful and spectacular in custom hotel furnishings.

Meanwhile, the premium hospitality sector recognizes the importance of brand building. As a result, site-specific furniture becomes increasingly diverse in order to meet a single high-quality need. As a consequence, each premium hotel establishment has unique furnishings that cannot be found anywhere else.

TV Unit with Wall Panel F209 (E3) - 54607 -3-Web luxury hotel room
Image 3: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

4. Lighting in Luxury Hotel Room

Any premium hotel establishment with the art of utilizing both outside and interior  must have a dramatic lighting system. It is undeniably planned to make certain locations noticeable and achieve certain goals. These goals might include the creation of the appearance of vast expanses, color management, and direction. Avoiding similar amounts of light in every part of guest rooms, especially those with low ceilings, is a recommended.

In short, in conference rooms and public areas, we generally run the same amount of light from corner to corner.

Image 4: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Key Concepts in Luxury Hotel Room (Part 2)

We’ll go over particular sections in luxury hotel guest rooms in the next section.

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