List Down Hotel Furniture in Luxury Room & Suite [Storage Function]

Storage Function in Hotel Furniture

We all understand the obligatory role of the closet or dresser in the room. Every hotel places a closet in the guest room. That is crucial because hotel visitors find a place to store their clothes and stuff before anything else. In another explanation, guests order hotel accommodation far from their home, so they need spaces to keep following things as safe and convenient.

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Image 1: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

For 20 years, our factory has specialized in hospitality furniture manufacture. We worked with so many project managers, designers, contractors, and owners for any hotel project. Therefore, we went through so many times that furniture designs got changed due to many reasons. There are many uprising questions around the storage spaces in the room. Although beautiful designs differentiate between luxury and low-standard hotels, hotel project managers and designers should consider and forecast the below problems again to accelerate lead time or furniture production timeline.

Image 2: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Return to some basic questions:

Which purposes do guests stay in the hotel?
Business travel, vacations, honeymoon, or one night only.

How long will guests stay in the hotel?
a night, several dates, a week or a months

How many people are in suites, twins, double bedrooms?
a person, a couple, or a family

How many clothes and stocks will a guest carry?

Warning: Any problems that occur will reduce the hotel guest experience.
In the worst cases, the guest will choose competitive hotels in the same location due to small spaces for holding their things.

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1. Hotel Closet & Hotel Wardrobe

A hotel closet is an enclosed structure with doors, which is utilized for storing, remarkably clothing storage. Similarly, a wardrobe has the same function as a big cupboard, but it fills up the wall space. All of them enhance the satisfaction in the hotel guest experience.

We determine storage space based on purposes and the number of guests. A reminder is that no luxury hotel leaves visitors holding their stock in suitcases. Firstly, we should be honest about one night stay because the closet is invisible for this purpose. On the opposite, business travelers will stay longer. They need things for moving out of the hotel room, and they also need to preserve outfits for a meeting and delivering a presentation.

Above all of that, the hotel needs to maximize closets for vacation purposes. When people are on vacation, they need a lot of clothes and stuff for outside activities. They will enjoy swimming, climbing, or visiting remarkable destinations. The hotel needs large closets to let them organize carefully for everything in a convenient way.

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Image 3: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Besides that, the hotel defines the luxury standard by accessories. Hotel Closet lighting is an example. When luxury hotels always install directional lighting as led or fluorescent. That increases closet comfortability and efficiency in storage function. Lights enable everyone to differentiate between colors and types of outfits because the dark corner will disappear under convenient lighting.

Moreover, the soft-close feature is a must in luxury hotels. It creates smooth movement for closet doors and drawers. Nobody likes slamming sounds in closing doors. We all feel safe and less stressed with gentle closing. The hotel does not only accelerate guest experience but also expand the lifespan of luxury hotel furniture.

As a result, we produce thousands of closets yearly. Each of them has a strong structure under our production capabilities. Great features create prominent characteristics. We follow outstanding principles to receive approvals from clients.

2. Hotel Dresser & Hotel Cabinet

Hotel dresser and hotel cabinet also serve the same function as providing storage spaces, but they are smaller than closets. They usually appear as big cases with separate shelves and drawers. People can display or hiddenly hold items. The hotel can use dressers and cabinets to extend storage spaces in hotel guest rooms.

Besides that, those furniture items can provide multiple functions with top surfaces. For instance, the hotel offers minibars and coffee stations on top of them. We frequently produce these furniture items with marble as design requirements in our factories. The luxury hotel can also use dressers or cabinets to hold fridges with plenty of drink offers. That results in guest satisfaction and extra fund.

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Image 4: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Installed accessories will distinguish luxury hotels and low-end hotels. Cabinets and dressers should have soft-close features to bring about sleek interaction to guests. As explained in the discussion above, the attached hinge and drawers railway will create safety and reduce guests’ stress by avoiding slamming. Moreover, the features also increase the longevity of luxury hotel furniture items. In addition, it is not a must for luxury hotels, but they should add lights to make furniture more convenient. The hotel can accelerate guests’ comfort because the eyes will get harmful effects as finding stuff in the dark. On another side, the electric accessories are really necessary for the date of smartphone and laptop.

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