Nature Wood Veneers

Veneers are selected from environmentally reputable local and international sources, and then processed into high appearance of natural wood panels.

Our veneers provide modern solutions for creating memorable designs that respect the natural world, which seeks to recreate. A wide ranges of veneers, including Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Birch, ect., is applied to create memorable designs.

Engineered Veneers

Engineered veneers of Tran Duc Furnishings provides modern solutions for creating memorable design that respects the natural world it seeks to recreates. Manufactured from sustainable sources maximizes use of the log while retaining the unique qualities of its origins producing stunning natural wood grain appearance while being uniform and consistent across panels.

Beside we are using many kinds of natural veneer to make accessories for specialized hospitality projects. We also utilize engineered veneers in order to follow up customer design and create many choices for your projects.


The best laminates are flexibly used to make our enduringly beauty furniture. We maintain its own laminate pressing facility within the factory and equip the most updated technologies.

This ensures consistent quality and price efficiency of the laminate product, reflecting the relatively high proportion of custom made furniture produced.