Hotel Headboard & Bed base

The sleeping area includes a hotel headboard & bed base. Our factories have generated so many furniture items for the luxury hotel industry.

Look at the amazing bed! When we walk into a room, the first thing we all do is do that. The bed is always the focal point of the room and our minds, regardless of what we pick up. Because the bed separates the bedroom from other rooms with the sleeping function. Sleeping is, without a doubt, the most important activity that individuals engage in when staying at a hotel.

Image 1: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

The sleeping spaces will be transformed into a captivating zone thanks to the gorgeous bed. In the factory, we generate so many different bed styles as we specialize in custom-made luxury hotel furniture. Hoteliers place a higher priority on the bed’s setup. Contemporary, mid-century, and neoclassical styles are all popular options. They all have distinct methods, yet they all have some things in common. Based on the requirements of the designs, we use king and queen sizes.

1. Headboard

Most of the beds start with upholstery headboards, which are helpful to support the head and the back. When people fall asleep, that is easy to have some problems. For instance, the head could hit the hard wall and get hurt. Besides that, it has multiple functions along with supporting sleep. We use headboards to lean our backs as sitting positions. It is convenient for us to read a book or surf the internet on phone. Guest can enjoy TV programs from the bed as comfortably as the sofa. That is why the hotels frequently have TV in front of headboards or beds.

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Image 2: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)

Furthermore, the headboard raises sleeping area value with a cozy look. Obviously, it brings about decoration benefits. We could easily recognize hotel guestroom styles based on how the headboard features. From contemporary, neoclassic to art deco, each style has different characteristics at appearance. Electric switches are attached to control room lights. Moreover, it protects the wall from scratches, staining, and scuffing.

2. Bed base

The bed base usually is the structure of the bed and defines how strong the bed can support our sleeping positions. It holds the mattress stably in long term. Most of our hotel furniture projects used wood as the main material for the bed base. that is because wood does not only have strength for structure but also provides warm surfaces at the edge. Some designs take metal as embracing a few details to make beds more delightful.

Image 3: Hotel Furniture Project in Tranducfurnishings (a hotel furniture manufacturer in Vietnam)
Established in 2000, Tran Duc Furnishings has been specialised in exporting high-end hotel furniture which is located in Binh Dung province and taken 50minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh airport / downtown. In the present, Tran Duc Furnishings becomes “One Stop Solutions” for hospitality furnishing industry in house facilities consisting of Wooden factory, Upholstery factory and Metal factory.